Uninstall PowerGenie on Huawei Devices

Your Software currently supports only BASIC features for Huawei Devices

Before you start

  1. Download the ADB Tools from here
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file

On Your Huawei Device

i) Enable Developer options​

  1. Go to Settings

  2. In Settings, search for "System"

  3. Go to About phone

  4. Go to Build number and tap 7 times or until you can see the next Toast "You are now a developer"

    4_1.jpg 4_2.jpg

  5. Connect your Hauwei device to the PC

  6. Go to Developer options and enable USB Debbuging

    6_1.jpg 6_2.jpg

  7. On your phone, enable USB debugging as in the screen below

    7_1.jpg 7_2.jpg


ii) Run the command to remove PowerGenie​

  1. Open the command line program​, press Windows Key + R, and type "cmd" and press OK

  2. Go to the directory where you extracted the ADB tool zip file from step #1

    For example, type cd c:\android-sdk_windows\platform-tools

  3. Copy and paste the command below​

    adb shell pm uninstall --user 0 com.huawei.powergenie​