Download & Install

Installation and Activation

All of these installation steps are performed entirely on the TARGET phone itself. We are using Blackberry firmware version 7.1.0 as an example. For TARGET phones running earlier or later versions of the Blackberry operating system, the steps may be slightly different.

  1. Get the phone in hand and open the phone's web browser. See Image
  2. Enter the download link "" and hit Go. "Enter password 123 " to authenticate. See Image
    If platform of the phone can be detected by the software, you will be taken to step 4 automatically.
    If not, please follow step 3.
  3. Tap "Blackberry". See Image
  4. Tap "Download" See Image
  5. Download begins. Please wait for the download to complete. See Image
  6. Installation has now been done. Please ignore this popup. No need to tap on it, but wait for the next screen to be shown. See Image
  7. Tap "Save" to grant permissions. If you don�t see this screen, don�t worry as permissions may have already been set up on some models. See Image
  8. Now you can tap "OK" See Image
  9. Go back to HOME screen and tap to "Call" See Image
  10. Type in *#900900900 See Image
  11. Dial or call *#900900900 and then quickly hit "End Call" to enter the software settings screen. Some phones may not need to press the End Call button. See Image
  12. Software is ready to be activated See Image
  13. Press the phone's Menu key and then tap on "Activate" See Image
  14. Enter the Activation Code (License Key) you recorded from your account Dashboard, and tap "Activate" See Image
  15. Activation begins. Please wait to fully activate the software. See Image
  16. Congratulations! You have successfully activated the software. See Image
To remain discreet, it is recommended to remove download URL ( from the phone's web browsing history.

You have now completed the installation process. Please close down this HELP page, go back to your Dashboard and we will be providing you a wealth of information!